Patient Information

Are CyberKnife treatments covered by private insurance companies?

The CyberKnife Centre London has set up and is setting up agreements with most UK insurers. You should check with your own insurer about cover before embarking on what is a costly form of treatment.

Financial Arrangements

You are responsible for confirming your financial arrangements prior to treatment. This will include obtaining pre-authorisation from your insurer, a letter of guarantee from your sponsor (usually an embassy or a company) or a payment of a deposit in advance where you are settling your own account. The deposit is likely to be a fairly substantial sum but any balance remaining after completion of treatment would be reimbursed.

Before treatment you will be asked to complete a registration form which sets out the contractual arrangements. This will normally be sent to you in advance of your first appointment. The completed forms would be returned by you at this first visit.

The services of your consultant(s) are not normally included in your hospital charges. Their professional fees will be sent you under separate account.

At the end of the treatment, depending on how your account is being settled, there may be some extra charges to pay. For insured or embassy accounts this will usually be extra costs not covered by contractual arrangements – such as visitor meals, telephone calls or take-home medication.

For self-pay, in the unlikely event of the deposit not being covered, the balance would need to be settled in full.